Friday, November 13, 2009

Whedon's Next Move

So, as we all know -- "Dollhouse" has been officially canceled.  It's sad, but true.  Now, while I highly enjoyed "Dollhouse" for what it was -- and the potential was there to be something really intriguing -- it was not my favorite Whedon project.  I agree with most critics when they say the Dushku-lite episodes were far superior to those which focused on Echo's assignments and/or character development.  Sierra was great -- Victor was great -- and Adele was a personal favorite of mine.  But what's done is done and the show is DONE.  :(

So, now what?

This isn't the first time Fox has screwed over Joss.  So, I say screw Fox.  Screw network television altogether.  In my opinion, Joss should try one of these paths:

1) First up, the obvious transition into feature filmmaking.  Now, part of Joss' genius is his ability to develop characters very well, so a feature film gives him less time to do this.  However, I have faith that if anyone can make it work, he can -- and I get tickled by the idea of a full-blown Joss Whedon movie (I enjoyed Serenity and am stoked to eventually see Cabin in the Woods and Goners).  May I suggest an adaptation of Fray into a feature flick or mini-series?

Which brings me to my next path..

2) Consider this -- developing a show for Sci-Fi, FX or a another cable network.  You don't need as many viewers and with something like Sci-Fi, your target audience is already tuned in --- not to mention, all the die-hard Whedon fans will tune in to anything he creates.  What's more, the cable networks may offer a little more creative license to develop something that he wants to develop -- vs. worrying about what the Network may or may not want because all they care about are ratings and sponsorships.  Come on, Joss would rule on Sci-Fi.  

What do you think?

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  1. What the hell is wrong with Fox? They sign then cancel Firefly (okay, there is more to that story but whatever), and then sign Dollhouse but give it a terrible time-slot. It's like Fox knows he's golden and don't want to share, but then they turn around and destroy everything he creates.