Monday, January 11, 2010

The Blu-Ray Challenge

Just a quick note about this whole Blu-Ray transition.  As it appears, 2010 is the year that Bloody Popcorn has accepted Blu-Ray as the new way to watch movies.  We bought a new 55" hi-def TV and a Blu-Ray player with Netflix/wireless capability.  We've purchased a few Blu-Rays:
  • District 9
  • Star Trek (2009)
  • X-men
  • Die Hard (4 pack)
Now, here's my beef.  Our DVD collections rests somewhere around 1,000.  It makes me physically nauseous to think about converted our collection to Blu-Ray.  How have the rest of you handled this transition?  Do you just purchase the new stuff?  Do you convert your favorite films?  Then, what do you do with your double movies -- sell/give away the DVDs?  And what about the TV Shows -- am I to convert my Buffy seasons?? I need feedback.

At first, I just wanted to purchase new release Blu-Rays that would benefit from the Blu-Ray experience -- action movies, etc -- but now, I don't know.  In the back of my head, I hear this voice that says, "Oohhh.. you keep seeing that Friday the 13th Blu-Ray at Wal-Mart.  Why not just go ahead and get it -- one double movie purchase isn't going to break you."  Then I hear the same voice, telling me the same thing about Terminator and Alien and the list goes on.  I'm beginning to hear the same voice convincing me that comedies would look awesome in Hi-Def.  And I'm sure they do -- but where does it end?

I know we're not the first to experience this dilemma.  So, help us out.  A little advice.  A little reassurance that our movie-buying-budget is going to accidentally triple this year.

Okay -- I am off to lunch. Disclaimer: Didn't have time to proof this post, so it could be riddled with typos.  My apologies. I'll re-look at it after lunch.