Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back from the Dead...

Greetings.  We've been absent from the blogging scene for a bit -- but with good reason.  That reason being this...

MiloMeet Milo.  He's the little 6-month-old monster who has been occupying quite a bit of our time recently.  And we're not complaining!  He's a cuddly bundle of snot, poo, giggles and joy.  He's Baby Popcorn -- he's even been to two horror cons (not counting the ones he went to while in the womb).

With that being said -- we're getting back into the blogging game.  Lists.  Reviews.  The works.  We've been more active on Twitter these past few months -- and as we settle into our new Milo Mayhem (I wish that was actually his middle name) routine, we're getting back into the groove of all things.  Bloody Popcorn included.  Hell, we've even gone to the movies a few times -- thanks to our babysitting tag team of Granny O & Auntie J.

Be in touch soon, friends :)