Monday, December 14, 2009

Dollhouse - December 11 Episodes

To begin, just a minor note that bothers me about Fox's Dollhouse promos.  It's clear they are just airing back-to-back episodes of Dollhouse to get rid of it faster.  So, why make the promo say a "Special 2-Hour Event"?  It's not special -- at least according to Fox.  They are the ones canning it, so why make it something it's not? It's a minor detail -- but nonetheless bothers me.  Dear Fox, just say "2 All-New Back-to-Back Episodes."  Don't make it something special. Fans will watch regardless -- don't patronize us.


Now -- on to two plot happenings that merit a discussion. 

1) This whole Echo/Ballard Romance.  I am one of the many that think the Dushku-lite episodes are better than those centering around Echo's plight.  While I think Echo is an okay character -- it's the rest of the Dollhouse that I'm actually hardcore about.  With only a handful of episodes left, I'd rather the writers not mix it up with an awkward Echo/Ballard romance.  I prefer that Ballard just want to look out for Echo because he thinks she's special (there's that word again...) or important.  The pair's "chemistry" is a little predictable and downright weird (or even useless) to watch.  Leave that drama on the cutting room floor -- and just delve into the deep, dark insanity of the house.

2) Adele's gone bad.  Aw, man... first let me say, I really, really like Adele DeWitt.  It gets me all excited when she sticks up for her Dolls' safety.  Yes, she's basically a Madame.  But still, she's cool, cold, cutthroat and calculating.  I love that.  But when she gave over Topher's how-to instructions for building the most dangerous, technological doo-hickey, that made me a little mad.  I don't like not liking Adele and that made me scream a little inside.  I like Adele when she's totally bitchy -- but looks out for the good of her dolls.  Adele:  Turn back.  Turn back now.  Please?

So, there you have it.  Please feel free to comment and so forth.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Whedon's Next Move

So, as we all know -- "Dollhouse" has been officially canceled.  It's sad, but true.  Now, while I highly enjoyed "Dollhouse" for what it was -- and the potential was there to be something really intriguing -- it was not my favorite Whedon project.  I agree with most critics when they say the Dushku-lite episodes were far superior to those which focused on Echo's assignments and/or character development.  Sierra was great -- Victor was great -- and Adele was a personal favorite of mine.  But what's done is done and the show is DONE.  :(

So, now what?

This isn't the first time Fox has screwed over Joss.  So, I say screw Fox.  Screw network television altogether.  In my opinion, Joss should try one of these paths:

1) First up, the obvious transition into feature filmmaking.  Now, part of Joss' genius is his ability to develop characters very well, so a feature film gives him less time to do this.  However, I have faith that if anyone can make it work, he can -- and I get tickled by the idea of a full-blown Joss Whedon movie (I enjoyed Serenity and am stoked to eventually see Cabin in the Woods and Goners).  May I suggest an adaptation of Fray into a feature flick or mini-series?

Which brings me to my next path..

2) Consider this -- developing a show for Sci-Fi, FX or a another cable network.  You don't need as many viewers and with something like Sci-Fi, your target audience is already tuned in --- not to mention, all the die-hard Whedon fans will tune in to anything he creates.  What's more, the cable networks may offer a little more creative license to develop something that he wants to develop -- vs. worrying about what the Network may or may not want because all they care about are ratings and sponsorships.  Come on, Joss would rule on Sci-Fi.  

What do you think?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Blog - New Website

Hi there, everyone --

Getting our website up and running has been quite a process -- and we're still not there yet.  In the meantime, we've set up this blog as a place to house our ideas and thoughts that need more than 140 characters of space.   

We are moving into a new house this weekend and plan to set up a little home office for the Bloody Popcorn website -- so, things should, I repeat, should start progressing with the site. 

Thanks for tuning in -- and feel free to comment, share, dispute, and more.