Monday, December 14, 2009

Dollhouse - December 11 Episodes

To begin, just a minor note that bothers me about Fox's Dollhouse promos.  It's clear they are just airing back-to-back episodes of Dollhouse to get rid of it faster.  So, why make the promo say a "Special 2-Hour Event"?  It's not special -- at least according to Fox.  They are the ones canning it, so why make it something it's not? It's a minor detail -- but nonetheless bothers me.  Dear Fox, just say "2 All-New Back-to-Back Episodes."  Don't make it something special. Fans will watch regardless -- don't patronize us.


Now -- on to two plot happenings that merit a discussion. 

1) This whole Echo/Ballard Romance.  I am one of the many that think the Dushku-lite episodes are better than those centering around Echo's plight.  While I think Echo is an okay character -- it's the rest of the Dollhouse that I'm actually hardcore about.  With only a handful of episodes left, I'd rather the writers not mix it up with an awkward Echo/Ballard romance.  I prefer that Ballard just want to look out for Echo because he thinks she's special (there's that word again...) or important.  The pair's "chemistry" is a little predictable and downright weird (or even useless) to watch.  Leave that drama on the cutting room floor -- and just delve into the deep, dark insanity of the house.

2) Adele's gone bad.  Aw, man... first let me say, I really, really like Adele DeWitt.  It gets me all excited when she sticks up for her Dolls' safety.  Yes, she's basically a Madame.  But still, she's cool, cold, cutthroat and calculating.  I love that.  But when she gave over Topher's how-to instructions for building the most dangerous, technological doo-hickey, that made me a little mad.  I don't like not liking Adele and that made me scream a little inside.  I like Adele when she's totally bitchy -- but looks out for the good of her dolls.  Adele:  Turn back.  Turn back now.  Please?

So, there you have it.  Please feel free to comment and so forth.